About Excel Point

EXCEL POINT started in September 1997 by Pastor Sam and his wife, Susie together with three other pioneer members. The Church began meeting at Market Place Ministries, Chulia Street before moving to four other places and settling down at the current premise at Pekaka Square.

Later EPCC received the covering of Reservoir Garden Baptist Church (RGBC) and the BM congregation from RGBC was sent to be part of EPCC. At the same time, another independent BM congregation came under EPCC’s leadership. Today there are three services on Sunday – two BM congregation and one English. We have also made available our premises to the Permata Baptist Church and the Mandarin Service is on Saturday evening.

EPCC is a Baptist Congregation that believes in the vibrant force and work of the Holy Spirit in every aspect of our Church life. As a cell church, we believe in the potential and dynamics of the cell in creating a healthy base for the development of spiritual maturity and ministry opportunity in a person. Through the cell church structure, members from all three congregations are encouraged to be thoroughly equipped in the Bible, in practical christian living and church ministry.

We welcome you to be part of this growing young family of believers if you are not attached to any church at the moment. Still we encourage you to be part of another Church and continue to grow and prosper in the Lord there is you fell EPCC is not the place. We welcome you to Penang and for the wonderful experience and journey the Lord has in store for you. We believe in your destiny! Jesus cares!