XL Groups

“Building BIG people through small groups”

Excel Point is a cell church and our people are connected through cell groups (small group). We call our small groups as XL groups because the word “XL” denotes Extra Large/Big and we believe deeply in “Building BIG people through small groups”. BIG people with BIG dreams for God, BIG heart for community and BIG hunger for Jesus.

XL Groups is heartbeat of Excel Point, it’s where all our church from all sort of diverse background of different ages, fellowship together and grow through intentional Discipleship and Evangelism.

We meet every Friday evenings at homes located around the island. Our programs are simple yet life changing experience that will inspire and motivate you grow as a follower of Christ. We study the Word of God with practical application into our daily life and equipping us to grow in evangelism to the lost and love ones.

So don’t miss out! Join XL group today. Please contact our church administration office for further details or visit us at the Welcome Corner in the main sancturary.

Our leaders and staff will be very happy to hook you up with a XL group near your place.