To serve the community and beyond with excellence, passion, commitment and credibility.


  • To establish a link between the church and the community.
  • To provide for the needs of the less privileged and the poor.
  • To comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from the Lord
  • To contribute our resources, abilities, gifting to benefit others.

EPCCare stands for Excel Point Community Care. This ministry started out initially with one purpose in mind, that is to bless those who are in need of help, especially the homeless. It was then named, Urban Street Outreach. Over time, EPCCare grew and started to reach out to the orphanages as well as old folks’ home with Clown Care Ministry and Senior Citizen Outreach. Their hearts reach out to people who are in need, homeless, being cast away and most importantly, those who are looking for love.

Urban Street Outreach (USO)

EPCCare distribute food and clothes to the homeless, as a way to come in contact with them, to share Christ’s love for those who have lost hope. They also recommend and channel them to the right organisation for follow up, just so they know hope is still within grasp

Clown Care Ministry (CCM)

They visit children wards, orphanages, etc to bless the kids with a clown, through the giving of gifts, songs, and games, just to have the little ones smile once again.

Senior Citizen Outreach (SCO)

Visiting senior citizens at old folks’ homes to bless them in a personal manner, and to have them know that there are people out there who still appreciates them.


Beside USO, CCM and SCO, we are also looking team leaders and drivers.

Team leaders will plan, organize and coordinate the outreach/outings. Trainings will be provided and it may take a few trips to complete the mentoring process.

Drivers must be a church authorized driver to handle the church van. Arrangements will be made so that you can be trained to be one.