Family First


  • To encourage the spiritual and devotional life of families.
  • To enhance family fellowship and relationship among families.
  • To enlarge the number of families in EPCC by reaching out to other families.


We are seeking to:

  • Lay biblical foundations for married and family life
  • Strengthen the husband-wife relationship
  • Enhance the fellowship and relationship among EPCC families
  • Reach out to families that still do not know the Lord

The family unit has the potential to lay a strong foundation for a different areas, mainly the church, community, society, nation and the nations of the world.

When the family is strong, the church will be strong.
When the church is strong, the community will be reached.
When the community is reached, the society will experience changes.
When the society experiences changes, the nation will be transformed.
When the nation is transformed, the nations of the world will be impacted.