Grace Life Radio

GraceLife Radio: Weekly Conversations That Matter

Our focus is to connect you with conversations that matter in this journey of grace and life and to leave the world of religious performance behind. Moving beyond precept and law to encounter the real Jesus.

Weekly Conversation on the Life of Grace!

The conversations and interviews that you hear on Grace Life Radio have one major objectives: to introduce you to a dialogue that may help you experience an increasing level of rest and faith in the New Covenant realities of grace.

Sometimes we can slip so easily back into a performance dominated minset that thinks it needs to do to somehow see the goodness of God manifest in your life – not so. We want to see grace become more than a theological cliche, but rather an experience of authentic life in Jesus – that is GraceLife!


We dont plan on giving you all the answers, but inviting you walk with Life himself. Sometimes you may be on board 100% with many of the dialogues you hear, maybe there will even be disagreement at times. Yet one thing we want to cultivate is an appreciation of discovery and genuine relationship with the One who is truth.



You have a story to tell! Grace has been at work in your life drawing you closer to the Father who is love indeed. Lets hear of your transition into grace, what have your found liberating, what have your learned so far, and what things you may perhaps still be unclear about. Your story is important to us.



Life is not about getting all the answers and methods to become successful (whatever we define ‘success’ as), but it is in knowing the Father. Living in the reality of that incredible relationship deepens the mystery and beauty of life. There is an unfolding of his life and love in our hearts, not of rigid theological precepts alone.



On each of the podcast show episodes you can connect with us by sending your comments and thoughts to each of the show posts or via the contact information below. Whilst we may not respond to ‘every’ comment, they shall certainly be read and may be spoken of in future show episodes.