Prayer Service

Prayer Service

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Wednesday Prayer Service

8.15pm – 9.45pm

Main Auditorium 

Every 1st week of the month

Our focus is to pray on target with one voice.

Join us for focused worship and prayer every 1st week of Wednesday night (2th week of Wednesday for XL Leaders’ Training)

Mid-week prayer service spearheaded by pastoral and worship teams, and as a church corporately standing together in faith believing the best is yet to come for us, our community, city and nation.

Come expecting more than a visitation, but become the habitation of God and experiencing Colossians 1:27 in its fullness.

Saturday Passion Hour 


Every Saturday before snl there is a group youth people come together for prayer at the main auditorium.

Sunday morning prayer 

7.00am – 8.00am

Come and join every sunday morning for prayer at the ground floor auditorium.



Church office:  04-6583489

Tue to Sat, 9am – 5.30pm