Course: Understanding the Bible

Having difficulty to understand the Bible? Falling asleep the moment you start reading the Bible? This course will help you to appreciate the bible more. In this introductory course, we will be exploring the unique nature of the Bible as an ancient document as well as God’s living and active Word to us today.

Topics Covered include: The brief history events from Genesis to Revelation, How to understand the Old Testament Books and the New Testament Books and etc. This course consists of 2 classes over the course of 2 weeks in which you can choose to either attend the Saturday or Sunday Class, for a duration of 1 hour before our English Services

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Course:Cross Cultural Communication

Sharing Your Faith Cross-Culturally

A study of the principles and processes of communication, including communicating from one culture to another. In particular, this topic will focus on the communication of the Gospel, with special attention being paid to the incarnation as God’s example of how to communicate cross-culturally.

About the Facilitators:

Malcolm and Linda are cross cultural leadership consultants. They have had over 26 years’ experience in mentoring, coaching and training in life skills, leadership & personal development.


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