Parenting Conference 2019
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  • parents to realise the need not to neglect biblical and godly values in parenting.
  • inspire parents to look at the task of parenting as possible and enjoyable even though they are facing with huge challenges in the 21st century.
  • to help parents realise that for godly generation to be raised, they need to be godly first. 

Session 1: challenges of parenting in 21st century and ways to be successful.

Session 2: Raising great kids with great faith that will last:-

  1. What will that take?
  2. What do parents need to teach kids as they grow and mature?
  3. With all the demands on parents today, where do they find time to teach their kids?
  4. How do we ground them spiritually: quiet time, laying biblical foundation, teaching godly values & building spiritual depth early in life?
  5. How do we teach and train our kids to be well balanced in life?

These are some of the points that you may address for session 2. you may not have time for all but pick and choose those that are important.

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